Timely Management Tip: How Good Leaders Prevent Sexual Harassment

The Situation: IN 2015, the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) received close to 28,000 charges of harassment or discrimination from employees across the country. The issue of sexual harassment and assault has been front and center in the news for the past six months. As the list of high-profile men accused of sexual harassment or assault grows, one has to wonder why was this behavior […] Read more »

Timely Management Tips: What Managers Can Learn From Neuroscience

New and compelling research in the field of neuroscience has been slowly changing the way we think about managing and leading others. Neuroscientists have found previously unknown neural connections in the human brain, which to some degree explains workplace behavior. Here are 5 important findings: Humans are hardwired to learn from each other using the brain’s mirror neurons. Managers should model and demonstrate the behaviors […] Read more »