Timely Management Tip: An Attitude of Gratitude

The Situation: Gratitude is one of the most under-used leadership competencies yet we know how motivating and empowering it can be. Showing appreciation for the contributions of others has been closely linked to increased employee engagement and retention. Competent leaders know that expressing gratitude is important for personal and professional reasons. Personally, by spending time being thankful for what we have, we harness the ability […] Read more »

Timely Management Tip: Managing Burnout & Turnover

The Problem: According to a recent Stanford University survey, 52% of workers say they are stressed at work on a daily basis. In addition, 46% say employee burnout is responsible for up to half of workforce turnover. The higher the turnover, the more time and money is spent on recruiting, training and overtime. Hence, less time and money is available for employee recognition and development. […] Read more »

Timely Management Tips: Managing Conflict in the Workplace

THE CHALLENGE: Most of us have experienced some degree of conflict at work. People can be dismissive and ignore our opinions or they can openly dispute our version of reality. These behaviors actually cause people to avoid one another and don’t allow for disagreements to be resolved in a timely manner. Without resolution, disagreements escalate or fester becoming worse over time and even harder to […] Read more »

Timely Management Tip: Holiday Etiquette

THE ISSUE: During the month of December, leaders are challenged to find appropriate ways to express their appreciation for a job well done, while celebrating the end of a calendar year. Some are fortunate enough to have a budget for this purpose, while others expect to dip into their own pockets.  Either way, it is important to frame the intent of your message clearly and […] Read more »

Timely Management Tip: Managing Your Boss

THE PROBLEM: A boss can make your work life rewarding or they can make it a reoccurring nightmare. You can exercise some degree of control over the outcome by effectively managing up. Unfortunately, the idea of “managing up” often has negative or political connotations but this doesn’t have to be the case. THE SOLUTION: By treating your boss as a partner in your success, you […] Read more »

Timely Management Tip: Scaling Up

THE CHALLENGE: Successful organizations don’t become that way without their share of growing pains. With success also comes a limit to growth where the organizations’ capacity is stretched to such a degree that they must rethink and redesign fundamental systems and processes. So how do you do this without bringing the whole company to a grinding halt? THE SOLUTION: Don’t wait for gridlock: Foster a […] Read more »

Timely Management Tips: The one thing every leader needs!

Great leaders all have one thing in common – they have CREDIBILITY! What this means in practice is that people trust and respect individuals who possess personal credibility. So how is your credibility? Do you walk your talk? Do you do what you say you will do? Your actions will tell people what they can expect from you. If you always follow through on your […] Read more »

Timely Management Tip: Advice for the Newly Promoted: 5 Behaviors that Will Ensure a Successful Transition

The first thing you need to know is that what got you the promotion will NOT necessarily make you successful at the next level. Many people use the same skills over and over again, yet fail to develop new ones that are potentially more effective the higher up they go in an organization. This is particularly true for people moving from a midlevel to a […] Read more »

Timely Management Tip: A New Look at Onboarding New Employees

An employees’ association with an organization begins during the hiring process but also continues through their first year on the job! An often overlooked and missed opportunity to gain good will and loyalty is how you handle a new employees’ onboarding.  This usually refers to the time period between an accepted job offer and the employees’ first 90/120 days on the job.  Here are some […] Read more »

Timely Management Tip: There is no engagement without trust

Employee engagement has been linked to higher productivity, lower turnover, and easier attraction of new talent. So how do you create engagement? You cannot engage employees without first having a foundation of trust and respect for all employees. According to the APA’s 2014 Work and Well-being survey only about half of employed adults believe their employers are open and upfront with them, about one-third say […] Read more »