Timely Management Tip: What is Good Leadership

The Question: What is good leadership and how can I recognize it when I see it? While there are many definitions of leadership, the one I like best is: “Leadership defines what the future should look like, aligns people with that vision, and inspires them to make it happen, despite the obstacles.” –John Kotter. The Answer: Every year, hundreds if not thousands of books are published […] Read more »

Timely Management Tip: The Art of Influence

The Challenge: In today’s workplace, the key to being a successful leader is influence, not authority. You must exert influence to deliver consistent results because authority can only take you so far. So how do they differ? Authority is awarded based on your job title and responsibilities. Influence occurs when you have the ability or capacity to impact others’ thoughts, feelings and actions. Influence is […] Read more »

Timely Management Tips: What Managers Can Learn From Neuroscience

New and compelling research in the field of neuroscience has been slowly changing the way we think about managing and leading others. Neuroscientists have found previously unknown neural connections in the human brain, which to some degree explains workplace behavior. Here are 5 important findings: Humans are hardwired to learn from each other using the brain’s mirror neurons. Managers should model and demonstrate the behaviors […] Read more »

Timely Management Tips: The Art of Becoming a More Effective Leader

Looking to jump-start your leadership development and be your own coach? Ask how you would rate yourself on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) on these five dimensions: Manage 1st impressions and Personal Credibility – In the first 10-12 seconds of meeting someone for the first time, they will form an impression of your personal credibility. What will they see (grooming/posture), hear (voice) […] Read more »

Timely Management Tips: Managing Change on the Frontlines

In today’s rapidly evolving economy, the only real constant is change. Learning how to manage change is a critical skill for any leader. Here is a quick guide to managing strategic change within your organization. 1.  CHANGE is a 3-stage process… Coming to grips with the change; Working through it; and Maintaining momentum. Roughly one-fourth of your time will be spent in stages 1 and […] Read more »

Timely Management Tip: Measuring Your Impact Through Feedback

Asking for feedback is one of the most powerful ways you can measure your impact on others, and simultaneously gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and opportunities for development. Here are some questions to get you started Questions to ask Colleagues: What words would you use to describe me? What would you say it is like to work with me? How would you describe […] Read more »

Timely Management Tips: Bringing Positive Energy to the Workplace

Bringing Positive Energy to the Workplace: You probably know positive energy when you see it – right?  Is it a thought, a mood, or a behavior? All of the above! Positive energy can be characterized through positive thoughts, feelings and actions. If you are not actively engaging in the positive then you may have already gone over to the negative, dark side, so here’s my […] Read more »