July Kitsap Business Forum: Meeting Workforce Needs – Today & Tomorrow

Meeting Today’s and Tomorrow’s Labor Needs to Be Discussed in the Next Kitsap Business Forum July 14th 7:30-9am Kitsap Conference Center, 3rd Floor RSVP now!  The Kitsap Business Forum will present “Meeting Our Workforce Needs Today and Tomorrow” on July 14. David Bryant Mitchell will lead a discussion with several of Kitsap’s key workforce stakeholders: Wendy Brant (SAFE Boats International), Matt Linkemeyer (Applied Technical Systems), Julie […] Read more »

Understanding the Scope, Process of the Federal Marketplace in Kitsap

FEDERAL CONTRACTING – Steve Shapro Because of the presence of large Navy bases in our local area, Federal contracts are an important part of our local economy.   During the last Fiscal Year ending 30 September, over $172 million in contracts were awarded to companies with Kitsap County addresses by Government agencies and the military services.   Local businesses need to understand this marketplace if […] Read more »

April 8 Business Forum presents: How Kitsap Businesses Compete and Win in the Greater Seattle Market

April 8, 2014 –   7:30-9:00 am Morgan Stanley Conference Center:  Cavalon Building, 2011 Northwest Myhre Road , Silverdale Free Event!  – RSVP at KitsapBusinessForum.com or call: 360.692.6800 The April Kitsap Business Forum will feature a panel discussion moderated by John Powers, KEDA Executive Director, who will interview leaders from three of Kitsap’s most successful businesses that have successfully launched themselves into the local, regional, national and […] Read more »

ATS extends reach through KEDA

As a responsible employer, Applied Technical Systems (ATS) makes a concerted effort to get involved in the communities it serves. KEDA has been an invaluable resource for ATS to accomplish this objective.  KEDA has been instrumental in helping ATS connect with key business members of Kitsap and the Greater Seattle region and seek new business opportunities through the PTAC program.  In addition to helping our business […] Read more »