Advanced Manufacturing

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Kitsap is an innovator in manufacturing – design, materials, sustainability and production and has a hundred-plus year legacy of making world-class equipment, parts, and products including:

  • Tall mast schooners
  • Aircraft carriers
  • Rebuilding and repairing the Navy’s modern carrier and submarine fleet
  • Innovative & sustainably manufactured office furniture
  • Premier fly fishing rods & reels
  • Cutting edge LED lighting
  • Internationally acclaimed prosthetic medical devices
  • Swift lateral water patrol boats
  • Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs)
  • Sophisticated composite radomes

All speak to Kitsap’s ingenuity, innovation and craftsmanship.

Kitsap’s manufacturing companies are located throughout the county in a dozen different business and industrial parks – all with excellent access to the I-5 corridor and the Seattle region’s complex and robust industrial supply chain.

Kitsap’s manufacturing companies are cutting edge advanced manufacturers utilizing the latest advanced materials and metals. Kitsap is home to scores of manufacturing enterprises deploying the latest technology in computer-aided design and CNC machining and production.

Kitsap manufacturers enjoy a highly skilled workforce of industrial engineers, designers, production technicians, and machinists.  Kitsap’s Olympic College is recognized for its exceptional employer led industrial arts and apprenticeship programs offering a wide array of skills training including: welding, pipe fitting, electronics, CNC machining, composite materials, and mechanical engineering.

Kitsap is also known as a leader in the sustainable design and production of a variety of energy efficient processes, products, and technologies. And, Kitsap is home to the BGI at Pinchot University recognized as a pioneer in educating business leaders in effectively incorporating the principals of “sustainability into profitable business models and strategies.

Kitsap manufacturers are well served by sound infrastructure: affordable and reliable utilities (water, waste water, power, natural gas, and high speed telecommunications fiber) and multi-model transportation – air, water, rail, and roads.

For generations Kitsap has celebrated and embraced those that build “things” and who work with their hearts, minds and hands. If you’re in the manufacturing business, you’ll feel right at home in Kitsap.

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