Key Industries

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Kitsap County is an integral part of the dynamic, global Greater Seattle regional economy; and, a leader in several key industries in the region, both legacy and emerging sectors, including:

Military & Defense 30,000 direct civilian and contract FTEs

Maritime  one out of four of 60,000 maritime workers in region are employed in Kitsap

Advanced Manufacturing & Design scores of Kitsap companies recognized as leaders in industry re innovative and sustainable design, materials, processes and products

Technology home to several fastest growing companies in WA, largest concentration of engineering talent in region, and second in region in density of tech workforce and development of intellectual property

Healthcare home to 450 physicians, Harrison Medical Center & The Doctors Clinic, providing top ranked clinical primary care and in a multitude of specialties

Tourism limitless recreational and hospitality opportunities framed by 250 miles of salt water shoreline and 850 square miles of mature green canopy under the watchful gaze of the magnificent Olympic Mt. Range & National Park –  all within 30 minutes of Seattle)

Take a close look at Kitsap, you’ll find an exceptional work / life balance; and a vibrant community that is connected, competitive and well positioned for long range prosperity.


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