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The most often requested data sheet from the KEDA office is the Top Employers list.  Website stats for any given month show near daily downloads. This data is utilized by public and private partners, potential real estate investors and companies considering expansion or relocation for inclusion in market analysis, industry cluster analysis, competitive analysis and workforce analysis – to name a few.


Click the links below to download the report and sector breakouts

Kitsap County 2017 Top Employers 


Kitsap County 2016 Top Employers   Click here for a trends and observations.


Kitsap Top Private Sector Employers

Kitsap Top Public Sector Employers


Trends and observations:

  • Among the 70 private firms that indicated a total of 50 or more employees, the sectors showing growth over the 2011 numbers were healthcare and manufacturing.
  • Going back ten years, healthcare shows an increase in employment as well as government contracting.
  • DoD numbers (civilian and military) increased from 2011 to 2013 by 696.  That number from 2003 has increased by 9,142.
  • Other public sector areas showing an increase were the City of Port Orchard, Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe, Suquamish Tribe and KPUD #1.
  • Areas showing a decrease from 2011 to 2013 were healthcare and government contracting.
  • There was no significant area showing a decrease from 2003 to 2013, with the decreases spread fairly evenly among the sectors.
  • Public sector employers that decreased number of employees from 2011 to 2013 include the City of Bainbridge Island, Central Kitsap School District, North Kitsap School District, Bremerton School District and Kitsap Regional Library.

The survey is produced from an online survey and phone inquiries from the KEDA offices

Top Private Employers Top Public Agencies & Military
Top Employers – Healthcare Top Employers – Defense
Top Employers – Manufacturing Top Employers – Professional Services



2011 includes an increase for many in healthcare, although the number one private employer, Harrison Medical Center, shows a decrease. Several large retailers also reported an increase over 2010 numbers.  Also showing an increase are some Kitsap manufacturers, IT firms and a biotech firm.  The Navy presence increased by over 4,200 (civilian and active duty).

Defense contractors and financial institutions were among those showing a decrease in employment.  Additionally, some healthcare and retailers also marked a decline.  The 2011 Kitsap Top Private and 2011 Top Public Employer lists them in total order.  For 2011, separate lists have also been created for healthcare;defense, manufacturing, IT and professional services; and financial institutions.

Work will begin on the 2012 list in the fall.  KEDA thanks Kitsap companies in advance for their participation in this annual survey.


While it’s not surprising that there have been job losses, our Top Private Employers seemed to hold on pretty well and in many cases gained employment. In general, health care and retail sales are up and should continue to be on the increase along with many professional services. In Public Sector Employment, federal employment remains unchanged and most other public employment is down, except for some county services.


KEDA’s annual survey of top employers is released! Not too many surprises this year:  Employment at nearly all retail establishments is down.  Employment declined at Walmart, all grocery stores, McDonalds, Costco and auto dealers.  Retail home improvement employment is holding steady.  Harrison Medical Center’s fulltime employment declined this year, but the number of part-time workers rose. Port Madison Enterprises (PME) recorded an employment increase, and Kitsap Mental Health added 77 people. Teletech lost nearly 200 positions.  Crista Ministries lost about 50 jobs. See the list ofPrivate Sector Employers and Public Sector Employers.


At the top of the list for our private sector we see the health care industry jumping ahead. As for the public sector, Naval Base Kitsap with tenant facility, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard remains on top providing over 50% of our counties economic impact. View the list here.


Kitsap County employment has remained fairly steady over the past year with a total job growth of +600 August 2006 – August 2007. Our top three private employers: Harrison Medical Center, Wal-Mart and Port Madison continue to add employment. Highest percentage increase in employment goes to Kitsap Bank adding 50% to their employment base. Overall, government employment has dipped by 700 jobs. View the full list here.


The Kitsap Economic Development Council has released it’s 2006 Top Employers List. Significant increases in employment were seen at Harrision Hospital adding 45% to its employment base and Walmart adding a new super store in Poulsbo, more than doubling it’s employment numbers in Kitsap County.


See the results of our Top Employers survey, September 2005.
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