2016 Top Employers Results

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KEDA and WWU partner to produce 2016 Kitsap Top Employers List

The most often requested data sheet from the KEDA office is the Top Employers list.  Website stats for any given month show near daily downloads. This data is utilized by public and private partners, potential real estate investors and companies considering expansion or relocation for inclusion in market analysis, industry cluster analysis, competitive analysis and workforce analysis – to name a few.

Click the links below to download the report and sector breakouts


Kitsap County 2016 Top Employers

A special thanks to Western Washington on the Peninsulas for partnering with KEDA on this version.  WWU’s Center of Economic and Business Research gathered and compiled the data for the 2016 list.  NOTE: If you have special business research you need, consider the team at WWU’s Center of Economic and Business Research.

The Breakdown:
  • In the overall list, 80% of the Top Ten employers are public sector – with the largest by far being the Navy
  • Harrison Medical Center and Port Madison Enterprises (Kiana Lodge, Clearwater Resort and Casino and White Horse Golf Course are their largest entities) are the two private sector listings in the top ten.
    • The overall top ten for both 2014 and 2016 are the same entities with one change – North Kitsap School District and Port Madison Enterprises switched spots as 9 and 10 in 2014 to 10 and 9 in 2016.
  • With an increase of 8,900, Naval Base Kitsap takes tops honors of most jobs added since the 2014 top employers’ compilation. Active duty numbers doubled and the civil service job count increased by 1,600.
  • Other significant changes from 2014 to 2016:
    • Port Madison Enterprises added 193 jobs
    • YMCA (two locations) added 202 jobs, primarily part-time
    • The Suquamish Tribe increased their employment level by 184 jobs
    • Town and Country Markets increased overall by 5; the difference between full and part-time jobs
  • Education made an impact from 2014-2016
    • Bremerton School District added 43 jobs
    • Olympic Educational Service District 114 provided 47 new jobs
    • Bainbridge Island School District increased by 50 jobs
    • Olympic College added 108 jobs, primarily part-time
    • Central Kitsap School District is the only educational institution showing a decrease with 23 fewer jobs listed
  • By industry, the largest (private) employers are:
    • Defense – Lockheed Martin
    • Healthcare – CHI Franciscan/Harrison Medical Center
    • Nonprofits – YWCA
    • Professional Services – AMSEC
    • Retail – Fred Meyer
    • Tourism/Hospitality – Port Madison Enterprises
  • Those comparing the 2016 list to previous years may notice large differences – that is attributed to some reporting both full- and part-time jobs while others only reported full-time jobs.

If you wish to add an update/revision to the list, please contact Kathy Cocus.

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