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Kitsap County is located in Northwest Washington State ten miles west of Seattle across Puget Sound and covers most of the scenic Kitsap Peninsula.  Kitsap County is connected to the eastern shore of Puget Sound by five Washington State Ferries routes, Highway routes connect Kitsap to the mainland via the Tacoma Narrows Bridge to the I-5 corridor, and to the neighboring Olympic Peninsula via the Hood Canal Bridge.
Economic (2012b)
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394.94 Land Area in Square Miles $79,270 Average Household Income (3/2013 p)
170 Water in Square Miles $61,112 Median Household Income
236 Shoreline Miles $30,913 Per Capita Income
635.9 Persons Per Square Mile
75.1 (f) Average Max. Temp $43,441 County Average Annual Wage
33.8 (f) Average Low Temp $18.68 Median Hourly Wage
51.94 (f) Average Temp
41.27 (in.) Average Annual Precip 0% Income Tax (Corporate & Personal)
Pacific Time Zone
8.6% Retail Sales Tax Rate
035 FIPS Code $362,485,425 Taxable Retail Sales
12 Nautical miles  Bremerton/ Seattle 242.767 Regional Consumer Price Index
33 Miles Bremerton to Tacoma
Labor Force (BLS  August 2013 preliminary)
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251,133 2010 Census 116,730 Labor Force
256,536 2012 Estimate 109,270 Employment
  6.4% Unemployment Rate
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107,367 Total Housing Units 37,042 Enrollment (K-12)
97,220 Occupied Housing Units
10,147 Vacant Housing Units Education Attainment- 25 years+
336 Homeowner Vacancy Rates 92.7% High School Graduates
171 Rental Vacancy Rates 28% Bachelors’ Degree or higher
2.49 Average Household Size
$244,975 Median Home Price      
Commercial Real Estate
Financial (June 2013)
39xx New Permits 16 Banks
35 Tenant Improvements 63 Branch Banking Offices
27 Certificates of Occupancy $2,409,240 Deposits (millions)
 xx  xx
Meeting Facilities
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Resorts/Hotels/Lodging Facilities 5 Urgent/ER Facilities
11 with Meeting Space 3 Hospitals
1659 Total Rooms 148¹ Physicians’ Offices
Convention Center Dental Offices
Total Meeting Space (s.f.)
13,000 Total Space (s.f.)
 xx  xx
*Current Conference Center expansion projects:

  • 7000 sq ft Kitsap Conference Center (2014)
  • 10,000 Clearwater Casino Conference Addition (2015)

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