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News & Events for April 2017

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KEDA News & Events for November 10

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Intangibles … can often make all the difference

John Powers for the KPBJ When it comes to making well-informed business investment decisions — decisions about establishing, expanding, or even relocating a business — aggregating and analyzing hard market data is a wise place to start. However, for many individual business decision-makers the final factor may be an intangible one — “quality of life” — which can often be the dispositive factor when deciding […] Read more »

August 9th KBF presents Business Trends: What Is Changing That You Should Know?

August 9, 2016 Kitsap Business Forum  Technology, market forces, business transitions, workforce, and the gig economy — all impact your business. This month we’ll be talking trends with a panel of experts. Find out how smart business people spot a trend before it crashes into their companies. A panel of local experts will provide insights on the business trends you need to know. Kelly Deis, […] Read more »

Solid economic movement in the right direction

Register now for the 2016 Economic Forecast! John Powers for the KPBJ This is the fifth year, since joining the Kitsap Economic Development Alliance in 2011, that I’ve had an opportunity to share my year-end review, and new-year perspective on Kitsap’s economy. For that, I want to thank the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal for supporting our alliance and according me this valued annual opportunity. As I […] Read more »

Timely Management Tip: Hit the Pause Button

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to assess where you are with your life. One’s satisfaction with life comes from many sources: family, friends, colleagues, faith, hobbies, and even the community you live in. But the most important source is YOU! You have the power to decide whether you are grateful and optimistic about life or just going through the motions. […] Read more »

Timely Management Tips: What Managers Can Learn From Neuroscience

New and compelling research in the field of neuroscience has been slowly changing the way we think about managing and leading others. Neuroscientists have found previously unknown neural connections in the human brain, which to some degree explains workplace behavior. Here are 5 important findings: Humans are hardwired to learn from each other using the brain’s mirror neurons. Managers should model and demonstrate the behaviors […] Read more »

Information Security for the Rest of Us: Practical advice for Small Businesses

Unless you’re a Home Depot, Target, Sony, or another large enterprise (Hilton most recently), your business suffering a data breach isn’t going to get the attention of mainstream media. The truth is that the majority of data breaches within the United States emanate from small- and medium-sized businesses. Hackers are specifically targeting these smaller businesses because of the difficulty and cost associated with correlating a […] Read more »

Timely Management Tip: So how does a manager motivate employees?

Dan Pink has summarized decades of research into 4 simple questions that every manager should ask himself or herself: Are you paying people fairly? If employees believe they are NOT being compensated fairly then they will either vote with their feet or perform at a minimal level just enough to not draw attention to their behavior. My Takeaway: Pay people fairly then you can take […] Read more »