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As part of the state of Washington, Kitsap County offers an extremely favorable tax environment for business and citizens. Washington state ranks fifth highest on the 2015 Small Business Tax Index  and requires a two-thirds legislative majority to raise taxes.

Washington State:

  • does not have a personal or corporate income tax;
  • does not have an inventory tax;
  • does not impose a tax on intangible assets, such as bank accounts, stocks, or bonds and
  • does not assess any tax on retirement income earned and received from another state.

Additionally, Kitsap County provides relocating and expanding companies incentives that provide assistance with those efforts. The list of incentives is various and flexible, applying to multiple sectors and business types.

The KEDA staff and our partners stand ready to assist you to help determine which options may apply for your company.

HUB Zones  —  There are three qualified HUB zones in Kitsap County, plus the Port Gamble S’Klallam Reservation and the Port Madison Reservation

Foreign Trade Zone – More than 500 acres of land in Kitsap County at the Port of Bremerton’s industrial Park are part of FTZ 216

 Workforce Development – State and local programs are in abundance to assist your company in finding or training the workforce you need

Tax Incentives – WA state offers several tax incentives that make it an attractive place to do business

Additionally, Puget Sound Industrial Center – Bremerton (PSIC – Bremerton), Kitsap County’s Super Site, offers developers multiple incentives  via the Certified Evergreen Building Permit Fee Rebate Program

  • The SKIA/PSIC – Bremerton  Evergreen Building Permit Fee Rebate program supports the City of Bremerton’s goals for sustainable development, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, conservation of natural resources and increased energy efficiency through a financial incentive.
  • Pilot Program: The SKIA Evergreen Building Permit Fee Rebate program is a pilot program that is limited to the SKIA Subarea only. The City of Bremerton will assess the effectiveness of this program and, depending on the observed outcomes, may amend the program in the future, including possible expansion to other parts of the city.
  • Through this program, the City is providing an optional financial incentive commensurate with public benefits. New SKIA Evergreen Certified developments may be eligible for a rebate between 75% and 100% in building permit fees only. The criteria and process for receiving a fee rebate are here.

Visit SKIA / PSIC for complete information.

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