Inside Harrison Hospital’s Silverdale construction project

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Rooms with a view: Future Harrison hospital embraces surroundings

The appeal of Harrison Medical Center’s Silverdale campus was obvious from the top of a construction crane looming 250 feet above the project site.

Scanning the horizon from the gently-swaying apparatus Thursday, the Seattle skyline could be seen far to the east. A break in the clouds allowed a glimpse of Olympic peaks to the west. The full, gleaming expanse of Dyes Inlet stretched to the south.

“We’re going to take advantage of all the views,” Harrison President David Schultz said, shouting to be heard above the wind.

The crane stood not much taller than the highest floor of Harrison Silverdale’s future hospital tower, which will rise about 180 feet when it’s completed in 2019. Every patient room in the tower will feature a large, outward facing window, allowing occupants to look out over the peninsula.

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