Timely Management Tip: Hit the Pause Button

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Dora Summers-Ewing

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to assess where you are with your life. One’s satisfaction with life comes from many sources: family, friends, colleagues, faith, hobbies, and even the community you live in. But the most important source is YOU!

You have the power to decide whether you are grateful and optimistic about life or just going through the motions. So mentally hit your internal “pause” button and spend the next 5 minutes on the following questions:

  1. Am I living my life intentionally?
  2. Do I enjoy the here and now?
  3. Did I learn something new recently?
  4. Have I changed a habit (for the better)?
  5. Do I have something to look forward to every day?
  6. Have I helped to make a positive difference in someone’s life?

Saying, “YES” to 3 or more of these questions makes you much more likely to be appreciative and content with the life you live. Happiness is NOT a byproduct of what you have accomplished, it is a state of being that you can experience every day.  Your thoughts and feelings, and what you tell yourself about them, are the most powerful asset you possess. Fostering your own happiness actually enhances your performance and productivity in all other aspects of your life. A happier you is also contagious and can positively impact everyone around you.

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Dora Summers-Ewing, a business psychologist and executive coach with EXIDEO Consulting writes Management Tip. She can be reached at info@exideoconsulting.com and welcomes your thoughts and comments.

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